Macaroon Christmas Trees

I love Christmas and I love macaroons.  Put the two together and you get "Macaroon Christmas Trees".

I made and used a few of these macaroon Christmas trees in the HGTV Christmas Special when I decorated Alison Sweeney's home for the holidays.  And people always ask me about the them and how to make them.  They are so simple to make and so cute.  You can made them in any color you want and the best part is that you can eat them too. 

All you need is a foam cone and lots of macaroon in any color you want.  After you apply the macaroons, you add  a cookie or a bow topper and voila!   Edible decor!



Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 7.17.21 AM





  1. I had a question about your assembly of the macaroons on the actual tree. How do you keep the macaroons from falling off the tree? say you did different flavored macaroons throughout the layers and people wanted to grab other flavors from the bottom of the tree, how would you enable the macaroons to not come falling down? is there a type of light edible glue you can use or some other method similar? any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  2. good question. It’s quite easy. I started with a styrofoam cone. Then I sugar glued each macaroon to the tree. So people can pick and choose and peel off the macaroons they feel like eating. Plus it will not fall apart.
    Good luck making yours!

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