Mirrored Bathroom Vanities

Tired of wood vanities?

Mirrored front bathroom vanities are so elegant and a beautiful alternative to standard cabinetry. Mirror is a great material for a bathroom because it is water resistant and easy to clean.  It is also reflective and creates a light and airy feel to a any room.  

If you can't afford to custom make a new mirrored vanity, consider buying a standard mirrored cabinet and convert in to your bathroom space. Its a great way to update, sophisticate and make your bathroom a wow spot!



David kleinberg bathroom bath cococozy mirrored vanity cabinet sink cabinetry mirror cococozy bathroom

Housebeautiful - mirrored furniture




  1. I like mirrored vanities, they are very original, and also the bathroom looks larger. The problem to me is that they can be hard to clean, because of the lime water is very usual in the bathroom.

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