My Fave Paint

I use a lot of fun colors in my design. So naturally people are always asking me what my favorite paint  brands are.  

I have to say that American made Sherwin-Williams paint is my go-to, day-to-day brand.  My designers and I have tons of their paint color fans and we use them on every job.  From their basic washable paints, to their venetian plaster finishes, marine paints and exterior paints, Sherwin-Williams does it right.

A few years ago Sherwin-Williams invited my team and I up to one of their Dallas factory plant so we could learn how paint was made, tour the factory and get an incredible color theory and color forecasting class with their color experts.  It was such a cool experience! And the best part?  The official blue lab coats we had to wear while in the factory!


Glatthorn bed 3 copy 2

IMG_5658 copy


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