One Love

One Love, at Woven Accents is a fantastic program that combines luxurious antique rugs and street art.

Antique rugs and street art?  They may seem like polar opposites. Yet the fab proveyor of unique rugs, Woven Accents on Melrose Avenue in LA has created this unique collaboration in which the best curated street artist can paint on top of some extraordinary antique rugs to create one of a kind art.  By using rugs as canvas, the artist bring their street medium into luxury homes.   Recycling an old rug and making it a canvas for a young imaginative artist is a fantastic and novel idea that I am very proud to support.

Street artist such as Kenny Sharf and Gregory Siff have participated in the "One Love" art program and are bring graffiti – the once though of as "defecating art" – into luxury homes.

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