Cleon Peterson

Cleon Peterson?  I did not know who he was either.  But now I do, and you should also.

Amongst the amazing Los Angeles street artists who live and work in the downtown area, Cleo stands out because of his unique point of view on humanity.  He paints huge monochromatic murals that seem at first glance beautiful and at second look violent. Yet they tell a story and have a true message beyond the paint. The violent scenes of war, rape and killings are his way of reminding us all that those things happen all over the world an that we need to be aware outside of our bubble of the truths of what men do to each other.  

Cleon was hired by famed artist Retna to produce a mural outside of his studio. The bright red and white wall painted in the front of the building is dramatic and strong. A great young artist in the making. One to watch.







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