Pollock at the Getty

I love the work of Jackson Pollock.  And if you do too you should check out  a wonderful exhibit is at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles through June 1st. If you are in Southern Cal. it's a wonderful experience.

Jackson Pollock was born in 1912 in Wyoming and moved to New York City at age 18. He started his career, like most artists, in the traditional techniques and then moved into and evolved to abstract expressionism.  He is best known for his unique creations in paint splatter "paint drip".   This era of work garnished him great attention and celebrity, which he had issues dealing with. Like a lot of artists, he had a troubled life filled with alcoholism, anger, love triangles and depression.  He died at age 44 after a drunk driving accident, when he crashed into a tree in 1956. 

But what he left behind is invaluable to the world of art and his work and story will live on forever. Amazing creativity!








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