Artist – David Choe

Korean-American artist David Choe is a true "only in America" story.

Born in  Los Angeles, David grew up as a frustrated  and angry muralist, painting graffiti on the walls of LA with angst. He moved on to do several music album covers and then … the American story opportunity came along that put Choe on the map. Sean Parker and Mark Zuckerburg commissioned Choe to paint 2 murals in the Facebook offices.  They offered to either pay him $60 thousand dollars or to give him company stock.  David, a long time gambler, took the stock which then became valued at  $200 million USD !!!

But Choe is much more than his bank account, he is a colorful creature who has lived a gypsy life and traveled to tell many stories.  He seems to be everywhere these days; tv, magazines and every party in town. His new book tells of these adventures and is a sure read for anyone who loves to hear about the freedoms we have in America.  

Fun stuff- and the guy truly has creativity and talent!







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