Liz Taylor’s Closet

 I saw some interesting photographs that caught my attention.

Ohio born photographer Catherine Opie was given the opportunity to enter and photograph Elizabeth Taylor’s closet in 2010. The two were introduced by their shared accountant. Opie, specializes in  documentary-style photography and spent six months at her Bel Air home shooting Liz's possessions. Her countless furs, negligees, jewels (including the famous La Peregrina pearl necklace, a gift from Richard Burton). Even after Taylor's death, Opie was allowed to continue her work of recording and documenting her belongings.  

Currently, The Regen's Project Art Gallery in Los Angeles carries Opies beautiful photographs. Her exclusive images will soon be a coffee table art book and will give us a glimpse into the actress's world and shows us her human side.

How much closer or personal can you get to a legend like Liz Taylor?  What does your closet say about you?







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