Art Basel Hong Kong

The Maimi Art Basel shows have become so successful that the brand has expanded to several locations worldwide including Switzerland, Dubai and now Hong Kong.

I attended Art Basel Hong Kong on Friday and had a great time exploring the 2nd annual show in the gorgeous and ever-exciting city of Hong Kong, China. Experiencing the East-meets-West styles of art, and seeing all of the worldwide galleries who came to display their mst prominent artist, was very inspirational and eye-opening.  245 modern and contemporary galleries showed paintings, sculpture, drawings, photography, video and limited-edition works to Hong Kong and were all beautifully displayed for all art enthusiasts to see. Half of the galleries in attendance were from China and Hong Kong and the others were foreign.

Galleries do not only come to sell their pieces, they also come to this market to meet new buyers for future events and to make connections with foreign galleries with which they can collaborate. It’s a true meeting of the art minds. So if you have time next year and you find yourself in Asia, make sure and add Art Basel Hong Kong to your list of things to do.


Sandra Espinet at Art Basel Hong Kong 2014Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 1-1
Photo 2-1
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