Dale Chihuly Glass

Dale Chihuly is America's premier glass artist and has been blowing unique hand-made glass pieces since the 60's in Seattle. Born in 1941, in Tacoma Washington, he studied interior design, then he moved on to sculpture and transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design where he discovered his love of glass and large scale sculpture.  In 1976, Dale was in a car accident in Europe and lost the use of his left eye, yet he was able to continue glass blowing with the help of assistants he hired to work in his studio.

You may have seen his work in the entry of the Hotel Bellagio ceiling in Vegas. He has done many permanent exhibitions in hotels and shown his work in multiple museums throughout the world.

If you find yourself in the Pacific North West capital on a typical grey, rainy day like I did, I suggest you stop in to see the Chihuly Garden of Glass in Seattle.  It's magnificent, grand and very inspirational. You will not be disappointed!







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