Continuing my China design speech tour for Anderson Wood Floors, my next stop was the Shangdong province city of Qingdao.

If you  ever find yourself in Qingdao, the following are the 3 best things to do before you leave: drive over the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, currently the longest in the world at 26.4 miles. Spend some time walking around and people watching in the May 4th square. And visit the Tsingtao Brewery Co. beer museum and brewery where you can taste, as well as learn the history of, the popular German drink in China.

Qingdao means green island, even though it is not an island at all.  It is a major metropolis of over 8 million people that looks out on to the Yellow Sea in the North East of China.  Locals will tell you it’s a beach vacation town, but the beaches are not tropical and the air polution does not lend itself to sun bathing.  However the city does have  excellent seafood and the people are very happy and friendly.

Next stop is Harbin.  Stay tuned.

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge in Qingdao 26.4 miles

May 4th square






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