artist Scott Campbell

It is hard to categorize and remember all of the artists at a big show such as Art Basel Hong Kong, which I recently attended.  But without a doubt, Scott Campbell stood out in my mind as the coolest, and most unique, talent and an emerging artist at the show.  

If you Google Scott Campbell you can find out about all of his famous, whatever, whoever friends.  But famous friends do not make good art.  So, really, I say this with sincerity – the guy is good and stands alone without any name dropping.  He was born in Tennessee, and started his career as a tattoo artist. There are remnants and traces of that technique reflected in his new fine art. But he has grown and created an additional layer of interest by burning gun powder on to canvas to create unique patterns of delicate burn marks that are stunning and very interesting to look at.  They have great dimension and you just want to touch them  

I am totally into his vibe right now! 






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