Everyone who knows me, knows I am an Aman Resorts junkie.  I am addicted to all things Aman. So naturally my home away from home in Bodrum, Turkey is the Amanyura.

The hotel is so romantic and the rooms are so beautiful.  Each room is a separate cottage designed to resemble the appearance of a group of Turkish village homes. A true architectural gem and  wonderfully designed. Each cottage has it’s own private pool, garden, outdoor shower, outdoor pavilion with a huge daybed, living room and bedroom with a great four poster bed, as well as a huge all-white marble bathroom with a big white tub overlooking the garden.  Since white marble was used in ancient times for all of the surrounding temples and cities, Amanruya has used huge slabs of the local white marble in a new modern way, and it works!  They have created true heaven.

Bodrum is in the southern part of Turkey, on the coast and the place we chose to explore the ancient city ruins.  Next we will be visiting Ephesus, Aphrodisias and Pamukkale from here.  So stay tuned for more fun to follow.

Sandra espinet in Amanyura

Amanruya private pool

Amanruya bedrom

Amanruya living room

Pretty bath


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