Iznik Turkish Tile

Turkish tile is very distinct. It is lovely to look at and I can totally appreciate the design and style of the Iznik style (named after the town in which it was originally made). It is no longer in Vogue and can appear a bit garish to the untrained eye.

Turkish tile reached it’s height in popularity between the 15th and 17th centuries. It has since become too busy and distracting for most modern esthetics.  It is very bright and colorful and requires a lot of skill to create the ornamentation. Iznik combines Ottoman arabesque patterns and Chinese designs and used bright cobalt blue, lead glaze and turquoise.  Islam forbids the depicting of humans or the like, so like most Muslim art, these tiles only have geometric and nature-inspired patterns.

The Topkapi Palace in Istanbul is filled with Iznik tile and can best be appreciated in the concubine quarters where almost every room is covered in it.


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