Ottoman Style Ceilings

 In Turkish style, you can not forget the ceiling!  Ceilings are an important part of the wow factor and are treated with much intricacy.  They are tiled, painted and glazed over to really make you look up and feel the opulence.  

Because Muslim religion forbids the painting of the human figure, the designs are scrolls or geometric arabesque patterns.  Every mosque, temple, palace or castle you enter in Turkey has amazing ceiling designs.  Lots of effort and though was put into these ceilings. Although they are a bit much for most of today's interiors, they are quite spectacular in their settings and really inspire with their beauty.

 And before I fell asleep in my room at the 4 Season's Bosporus, I looked up and saw that even my ceiling was painted!








  1. During the Constantinople period of the city, the Christian era, the mosaic work was part of the architectural. The painted ceilings came after that.

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