Turkish Rugs

The bottom line … Turkish law says …" no tourist can leave the country without buying a rug! ".

Every corner of every street has a famous rug vendor ( or the brother of one).  If you actually need a rug it can be quite fun to shop in Istanbul.  And of course, as the consummate shopper …I did find myself needing one. The massive inventory in the city makes it so easy to find one.  Any shape, size, style or color is available. Any price or bargain is considered.  

Most hand made rugs are not made in Turkey anymore because of labor cost.  It is very hard to find authentic Turkish rugs of good quality.  The reality is that today, handmade rugs are  produced in India, Nepal and China.  But you can still find some old rugs and lots of Kilims.   Expect to pay high prices for the more contemporary rugs since they are not produced in Turkey.  Yet because of the proximity to the neighboring manufacturing countries, there are huge amounts of inventory and choices to be found through the country.

So if you travel to Turkey, buckle down in a comfy rug shop, drink some tea and buy a rug!


sandra espinet




sandra espinet



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