Sabire Susuz

Every now and then you find an artist by accident. I was killing time in Istanbul and walked over to the Istanbul Modern Museum. I gravitated towards a painting of a shark and as I walked up closer to it I noticed it was not painted, it was created out of clothing tags. Amazing!!

Such detailed work with perfect shadows and such intense colors.  It was hard to believe it was all done with designer (and some not so designer) tags.  It was a collage of colors, perfectly placed according to their shade to create the image.  I am sure it was hugely time consuming, but more than that it was so interesting to look at when close up.  Cool stuff.

Turkish artist Sabire Susuz has found a unique way to express herself.  She studied biology for a short time and she feels the labels are like cells and each one is nothing alone. Just as thousands of cells create an organism, thousands of labels create her work.–61971.aspx

Photo 1

Photo 2




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