fashion Designers designing hotels

I love art that is creative and artists that can transcend and move into various fields, however I am not sure I love the concept of fashion designers trying to do interior design. While some do achieve success, most are a failure and waste of time and effort.

The marketing trend in which name brand fashion designers try to expand their brand or that a hotel piggybacks on the noteriety of a fashion brand by designing hotel rooms or entire hotels is questionable to me.   Some designers actually own their properties  and make them part of their brand  while others simple collaborate and design one specialty room, like a VIP or marketing room.

I like the Armani hotel, Bulgari Hotel and the Diane Von Fustenburg suite at Claridges Hotel in London best of the bunch. But some of these designs are atrocious and actually dilute the brand. In my opinion, the crossover is not always good as in the cases of  the Missoni hotel, Versace Palace Hotel and the Oscar de la Renta Puntacana Hotel. And of course the over the top Karl Lagerfeld chocolate suite at Schlosstel in Grunewald is just plain odd.

So I'm not quite sold on "designer" suites and hotels yet.  I might own a few Missoni pieces of clothing, but translating the style to a hotel does not always work for me.




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