Gregory Siff

I love the downtown LA street art movement and I especially love working with artists that create unique pieces. I was visiting the studio of one of my favorite artists, Gregory Siff, and purchased a fantastic piece for a client that I can't wait to receive.

Gregory was born in Brooklyn NY and currently lives in LA. His urban artwork embodies a positive emotion that is currently seem more and more in the street art scene.  He paints emotions and feelings that combine graffiti, abstract expressionism and his own unique lettering. It is very recognizable and he possesses a sense of personal style all his own. His work seems to be popping up everywhere from museums to art galleries and billboards. Everyone from Helmut Lang to Red Bull to Vans is working with Gregory. He is on fire at the moment and has huge plans for the future.

But more importantly – the guy is cool.  He is such a great personality and so vibrant and focused. While it seems that many artists don't posses the ability to be creative as well as manage their business, Gregory has been blessed with the ability to do both and is also a professional in control of his path.  A great talent!  Keep him on your radar.

Gregory Siff


Gregory Siff & Sandra Espinet

Gregory Siff jacket





Sandra Espinet & Gregory Siff

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