Marilyn Minter

NY artist Marilyn Minter's work is so sensual and unique that it makes you look twice. She distorts the typical glam, fashion image into an almost grotesque splash of color that has a watermark style all it's own.

Born in 1948, Minter's over 30-year career started when she photographed her mother. It progressesd and developed into what we know her for today; images of stilettos and mouths that seem to capture you. Marilyn is best know for her ultra-glossy, hyper-realistic paintings in enamel on metal that depict closeups of lipstick-laden lips, eyes, and feet. The relationship between fashion, body and sexuality are exaggerated and magnified. She has photographed Pam Anderson and worked with giants such as Tom Ford to create some of her work.

Minter also explores this genre using video.  One recent video was shot using a piece of glass between the camera and the model, who wore bright red lipstick and licked gold paint from the glass.  The end product is extremely captivating and intense.

Her work is currently available in NY at the Salon 94 and in LA at the Regen Projects. And if you have a chance, it is well worth the trip to view it at these galleries.







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