Eider Down

Most people will never have the unique, luxury experience of sleeping on Eider duck down pillows.

Why? Because Eider down is the rarest, most expensive, most luxurious and most eco friendly material possible for bedding and pillows in the world.  It is extremely  hard to find and the world wide production is about one container truck load.  Apart from it's rarity, it is naturally harvested in the wild from only adult female Eider ducks.  The birds are never killed, nor are their feathers plucked.  They are hand-harvested from their nests. Additionally, Eider ducks only live in the north Arctic coasts of the world, mainly in Iceland.  Eider down is the only down on the market stemming from a wild bird and has a unique thermal insulation because these ducks inhabit the ocean around the Polar Circle which reaches freezing temperatures.

All of these elements make it outrageously expensive.  On average a king duvet will run 10 thousand U.S. dollars and a king sleeping pillow will run 3 to 4 thousand U.S. dollars. But Eider is not intended for the avarage user since it so rare.  Eider down is truly for the connoisseur of quality and highest starndards of conservation and quality.  

So what can you buy someone for Christmas who seems to have it all? How about Eider down pillows!!




Common eider eggs8



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