Memorable Dining Experiences

I admire and have an appreciation for luxury restaurant interior designers; they strive to create unique dining experiences to enhance the creative foods of top chefs.

Each restauranteur has a vision for his space and has a unique idea for his menu and drinks.  It is up to the designer to combine it all with precision, and architecturally interpret those ideas. Making a room highly memorable, where people can come to celebrate special events is hard to do.  And it is even harder to make these spaces enticing enough that the patrons will return for the experience. Luxury dinning is not just about the food, it is also about the scene, the atmosphere, the socializing and the quality of the space. Drama and over-the-top touches are part of the appeal. Sophisticated culinary interiors are as important as the food served.

A lot that goes into the creation of top restaurants. Noise levels, wait staff flow, sanitation and function must also be thought out.  Lighting, ventilation, bar flow and back of the house areas need to also be incorporated.  Maximizing the space and utilizing every possible square inch for seating as well as planning bathrooms is all part of it.

Great design! One of the  common threads that  make luxury restaurants around the world a marvel and wonderful delight to be in.



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