Hurricane Odile hit my second home of Cabo, Mexico on Sunday, September 14 at 10:45 p.m. It touched land as a category 5 monster of a storm, raging at speeds over 150 m.p.h.   Odile is considered the largest and most powerful hurricane on record to hit land on the Pacific coast to date, but not many people heard about the mammoth storm. 

It has taken me almost 3 weeks to write about it because it was so devastating and such a shock in my life that I did not have the desire or emotional strength to share it. The world that I lived in is no longer the same and so much destruction has changed the once luxurious little beach town into shambles.  My home was partially damaged, as most of my friends' homes were.  The airport was destroyed after the roof collapsed and flights are still not reinstated to Cabo as of today. Most hotels were hit very hard since they all sit directly facing the ocean, and are not currently operating. Most restaurants are still not open and some will never reopen again. The government set up temporary turbine generated power electricity that comes and goes, but there is no word on when the real power grid and electricity will be restored. Downtown San Jose and Cabo do not look the same and will take a long time to recuperate from this massive hit. 

This disaster has not been covered on the U.S. news at all despite being as big as Katrina. It seems people who hear about it only wonder why their vacations  are being cancelled. Like many Cabo lovers, I have spent the past few weeks helping with humanitarian relief, getting supply trucks to my employees and their families and trying to ensure basic comforts to those close to me.  I called upon some of my amazing friends in Texas for help and they came through like rock stars with donations to help fill the trucks with generators, water, food, cleaning supplies and huge amounts of dog food to help support the Cabo Humane Society.  Yet there is still sooo much left to do and I hope that this brings awareness to those who had not heard about this disaster. This storm is devastating to the many local people who lost their homes and also depend on the tourism industry for their living.

Thanks to all of you who have reached out. My family and staff are all safe and we appreciate your thoughts and emails.

I am taking a few minutes today to just say … I love Cabo.  I want to see it come back to life soon. 






Airport after odile




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