Robert Indiana

You know his art.  If you have been to Manhattan you have seen his art.  You just may not know his name.

Robert Indiana is an American artist born in 1928 and is best associated with the Pop Art movement. He has created bold, simple, iconic images, especially numbers and short words like EATHUG,and HOPE. But it was his LOVE painting which was purchased in 1968 by Manhattan's Museum of Modern Art that made artist Robert Indiana famous. It became a sculpture, a stamp and greeting cards to name a few things. It made him an instant star.  He feels it was the best thing and the worst thing he ever created because it eclipsed all of his other pieces. Some say his career was defined by LOVE.

His work varies from large scale sculpture to works on paper and once you see it, you always recognize it again because of its simplicity and unique message. Everyone loves LOVE.  Everyone wants HOPE. Breaking down life into one word messages has been his trademark.

And following the footsteps of current street artists, Mr. Indiana has also created several custom kicks for Converse shoes.  The guy is just cool and his work is wonderful.  I am a fan!










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