Hinoki and the Bird

I love living in Beverly Hills because there is so much to do and so many great restaurants that I can swing by for a casual, elegant meal  in my new Smart Car.  My hood rocks!

And my new fav eatery is Hinoki and the Bird. Chef David Myers has done it again with his new kitchen serving California/Japanese inspired food. Located next to the Century Plaza, it is beautifully decorated with simple, masculine furniture. The smell of the hinoki (the Japanese cedar) is everywhere.  Even in the bathrooms.  It's a well thought out, stylish setting that is the perfect backdrop for the exquisitely presented and flawless food. Small, perfect bites and gorgeous drinks equal a fab evening. And isn't that the reason we leave home to go out?

David Myers also runs one of my favorite Sunday brunch spots on Melrose Avenue, brasserie Comme Ça. The guy is talented and I love his food.  Counting the days until I can return to Hinoki and the Bird. 








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