Street art is like pop music:  some stars, some one-hit-wonders and a lot of commercialism.  Unlike fine artists that tend to be more unique and complex, street artist tend to duplicate and collaborate with each other much like cover songs. Nevertheless we enjoy them for a while.

New on my radar is British street artist D*face (Dean Stockton).  He is an urban artist that creates simple images he recalls during hypnosis and later makes them while awake and conscious. He uses multi media, spray cans, stickers, posters, and stencils to create his visions and art. His career initially started as a designer and illustrator, which explains the clean lines and cartoon feel to so much of his imagery.

D*face recently did a pool installation in which he got some friends to skateboard in the empty pool with special cans of paint attached to the bottom of their boards to create skate lines and patterns with in the pool.  Art or just a bunch of guys having fun?  Either way, a good art experiment.

At this early stage of his career, I can't quite tell what his future in the art world holds.  He comes into the market strong and surrounded by a lot of hype, yet, in my opinion his visual messages are not as strong as Bansky and his work is not as original as Retna.  He has not quite developed enough of a graphic uniqueness like Shepard Fairey nor has he created anything we have never seen.  Hard to know what the future holds for this young visionary, but I think he definitely has the potential and he is someone to watch.

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