Zaha Hadid

I am a huge fan of architect Zaha Hadid.

Hadid is the first female architect to ever win the coveted Pritzker Architecture prize which is often referred  to as the Nobel prize in architecture.  She was born in Iraq in 1950 and I am proud to say we share the same birthday, October 31st. She is probably the most famous female architect of our time and is considered worldwide to be the diva of architectural design.

Hadid’s forms are characterized by futuristic, unconventional, daring and artistic shapes. Many of her projects have never been built yet she still was ranked on Forbes list at 69th of the most powerful women in 2008. Her beautiful buildings always leave us with our mouths open, as if to say, “How did she design that?”.  Innovation in design is her thing and she does it in a magnificent way. She has designed private homes, royal palaces, museums, bridges, and furniture.  There seems to be no limit to her imagination!

If you are all interested in architecture, Zaha needs to be on your radar.







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