Clive Wilkinson Architects

Born in South Africa, studied in England, lives in Los Angeles, the well-traveled Clive Wilkinson is one of my favorite corporate architects.  

His large-scale design projects for Google, Nokia, JWT, FIDM, Disney and Macquarie Bank are fun, creative and unique. He plays with space in architecture and focused on the social agenda of buildings, and how people connect with each other in those spaces. Clive likes to create areas where employees can bump into each other and share ideas and tear down traditional office barriers. This creates a work community and connectivity.

All corporations may not be as open, but those that can be should use his design model as the way of the future.  We all spend a lot of time in the office and having amenities such as showers, fully stocked lunch rooms and beautiful creative spaces increases productivity and enhances employees work experiences.

Off to redesign my office!






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