As Halloween approaches and people start to think about costumes, the mask becomes important. But the design of a mask is not as simple as you may think.  

There is a lot of mystique and secrecy associated with hiding your face behind a mask and the custom goes as far back as society had gatherings. African, Native American and Aboriginal tribes. Venetian Masquerade balls, Roman feasts, ancient Chinese festivals. The Poynesian, Mayan and Inca people. Every culture has had some sort of mask or disguise used for rituals, dances, and as entertainment.  A way to reinvent yourself and be someone else for a while. But masks were also used by warriors for protection and to create fear. Funeral masks were used to cover the faces of deformed dead. There are many types and styles and regions where masks were created.

Luxury masks, one-of-a-kind masks made for royalty, personalities or dignitaries are a work of art and require a lot of time to design and fabricate.  Incan masks were often hammerd out of paper thin sheets of gold to custom fit the faces of the owners. Today many fashion designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen continue the tradition and design unique one of kind masks that inspire us all.  

So what mask will you be wearing this Halloween?








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