Buying American

It is really not hard to be green and sustainable in the design industry these days.

Even though "green" is the current buzz word and can be seen as a trend, it is a part of the current American sensibility that applies to most luxury goods. It's about using less energy, creating less waste, buying local goods and using local resources that produce the best products.

There are several fabulous faucet and plumbing manufacturers throughout the U.S. and one of my favorites is California Faucets. Not only because all of their high-end bath products are custom, hand-crafted in America, but also because they are committed to sustainable practices, recycling and water conservation. Find out more about their green philosphy

Sometimes you don't have to try hard to be green, you just have to know your manufacturers and be aware of how and where they produce.  Ask your sales rep, ask your dealer, but be informed and start by buying American when possible.  

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