Michael Taylor

Most young designers know "Michael Taylor" as a furniture showroom. But the story behind the man is great.

Michael Taylor was born in northern California in 1927 and started his design firm in 1956 in San Francisco.  He worked in the homes of some of Americas wealthiest and most prominent families, but  his claim to fame became the "The California Look" which he achieved by using neutral tones, whites, creams and organic forms. Michael also loved melding of styles and ages and added unique antiques and found pieces to every home. He liked a cleaner feel than his fellow contemporaries and was know for saying, "When in doubt, throw it out". His work was so wonderful he was nominated one of Americas "top 100" by Architectural Digest.

In 1985 Michael Taylor collaborated with  Paul Weaver to create a furniture line which still exist s today.   Even though Michael died in 1986 his design legacy is so strong that the company moved on and has continued to flourish under new ownership.  The company was recently purchased by Lee Pierce in 2009 and to this day, Taylor's look seems as fresh as ever.





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