As Halloween approaches and people start to think about costumes, the mask becomes important. But the design of a mask is not as simple as […]


Street art is like pop music:  some stars, some one-hit-wonders and a lot of commercialism.  Unlike fine artists that tend to be more unique and […]

Matthew Richie

We all agree that modern art provokes all kinds of thoughts and opinions.  And the work of Mathew Richie is no exception. Mathew was born […]

Robert Indiana

You know his art.  If you have been to Manhattan you have seen his art.  You just may not know his name. Robert Indiana is […]

Marilyn Minter

NY artist Marilyn Minter's work is so sensual and unique that it makes you look twice. She distorts the typical glam, fashion image into an […]

Gregory Siff

I love the downtown LA street art movement and I especially love working with artists that create unique pieces. I was visiting the studio of one […]

Sabire Susuz

Every now and then you find an artist by accident. I was killing time in Istanbul and walked over to the Istanbul Modern Museum. I […]

Ottoman Style Ceilings

 In Turkish style, you can not forget the ceiling!  Ceilings are an important part of the wow factor and are treated with much intricacy.  They […]


Artist Scott Campbell

It is hard to categorize and remember all artist at a big show such as Art Basel Hong Kong, which I recently attended.  But without […]