artist Scott Campbell

It is hard to categorize and remember all of the artists at a big show such as Art Basel Hong Kong, which I recently attended. […]

Carsten Nicolai Art Basel Hong Kong

Carsten Nicolai

Each night during Hong Kong’s Art Basel, Berlin artist/mucisian Carsten Nocolai unveiled a new magestic creation of work. Carsten presented his video and sound installations on […]

Art Basel Hong Kong 2014

Art Basel Hong Kong

The Maimi Art Basel shows have become so successful that the brand has expanded to several locations worldwide including Switzerland, Dubai and now Hong Kong. […]

Dale Chihuly Glass

Dale Chihuly is America's premier glass artist and has been blowing unique hand-made glass pieces since the 60's in Seattle. Born in 1941, in Tacoma […]

Artist – David Choe

Korean-American artist David Choe is a true "only in America" story. Born in  Los Angeles, David grew up as a frustrated  and angry muralist, painting […]


For most of us staples are little more than a basic office accessory. But there are a new group of artist spring up referred to […]

Pollock at the Getty

I love the work of Jackson Pollock.  And if you do too you should check out  a wonderful exhibit is at the Getty Museum in Los […]

Cleon Peterson

Cleon Peterson?  I did not know who he was either.  But now I do, and you should also. Amongst the amazing Los Angeles street artists […]

One Love

One Love, at Woven Accents is a fantastic program that combines luxurious antique rugs and street art. Antique rugs and street art?  They may seem […]

The Love Message

Street art is often seen as the raw, untrained or violent expressions of art.  For the past 20 years a lot of angst, terrible messaging […]

Warhol Mural

 If you live in LA you have probably seen or driven by the Andy Warhol mural on Fairfax, across from the CBS building. The mural […]