Sandra Espinet


Sandra Espinet is an accomplished interior designer and lifelong traveler who represents the epitome of today’s relaxed, casual, and international interior design approach. Her experiences and extensive travel have given her a unique perspective on the design and lifestyle skills needed to create curated, luxury projects.

Sandra’s work has received multiple awards and distinctions, including the prestigious Architectural Digest nomination as “One of Latin America’s Top 10 Interior Designers”, as well as the A.S.I.D. award for “Best Interior Designer for homes over 3,500 s.f.”. Additionally, Espinet has been, for the past 10 years the Anderson Wood Flooring (a Berkshire Hathaway Co.) Asia style ambassador as well as a RAD (Robert Allen/Duralee) style ambassador. She has appeared on numerous tv shows and segments for HGTV, China TV, and VH1. She has contributed on multiple pod cast and radio shows including Martha Stewart Home.Her first coffee table book, The Well-Traveled Home was released in 2014 followed by her highly anticipated second book, Barefoot Luxury, both available at retail outlets worldwide.

Sandra continues to design private custom residences, adding her touch of luxury and sophistication to the lives of her clients.